Welcome Party Committee

This Back to School/Welcome Event is for kindergartners, preschoolers and their families. It’s usually outdoors near the playground and takes place on a Friday evening in late August or early September from 5:30 – 7:00. Because the event is so early in the school year, the Beginning of the Year event planning starts right away!! PTO Executive Board should contact the Beginning of Year event chairs in early August or as soon as possible!

The event is a great showcase for our Barnsdale spiritwear! At the very beginning of the school year, there will be a chance for families to order shirts and other items featuring our Barnsdale logo. The spiritwear orders are planned for delivery BEFORE this Back to School event, with the idea that the students wear their Barnsdale shirts to school that day and to the event that evening.

PTO provides support but event chairs are responsible for planning and running the entire event. Chair duties include:

  • Managing volunteers
  • Contacting vendors and exhibitors for event
  • Coordinating supplies for the event (tables, extension cords, tattoos with sponges, sidewalk chalk, etc...)
  • Event set up and clean up

Online signups for volunteers will open in August. Basic volunteers are needed for set up, photography, tattoos and clean up. There is a generic template for volunteer spots, but if you need more volunteers, contact the PTO Communications Officer to open up more spots on the volunteer sign up website.

Volunteer Here

There are typically several activities at the event:

Tattoos (small Barnsdale owl tattoos)

  • All supplies (tattoos, buckets and sponges) located underneath the display case in the hallway
  • At least 3+ Barnsdale volunteers needed. This will be a very popular and busy station!

Library information: run by LG and LGP library staff

  • Call both libraries to secure their staff participation
  • Usually a shared booth
  • Simple games and activities, supplies provided by each library
  • No Barnsdale volunteers needed

Food for purchase (cash only)

  • Bill’s has been a favorite vendor, providing hot dogs, chips and drinks
  • Bill’s handles all cash for purchases!! Less for the PTO to worry about!
  • No Barnsdale volunteers needed

Photo booth

  • Important source of pictures for the yearbook!!
  • Props or photo frames helpful but not necessary
  • Candids and posed photos of Barnsdale students and staff only (no parents or siblings please)
  • At least 1 Barnsdale volunteer needed as photographer
  • All pictures should be sorted through before submitting for yearbook consideration. Please only send the best few student/staff pictures. The yearbook chair will NOT be able to sort through hundreds of pictures so make sure to only email the best handful of pictures from each event to the PTO.

Playground play, sidewalk chalk

The event will run quickly and will be over before you know it. Although the event chairs will have some free reign in planning the event, it is often easier to keep it as simple as possible. Kids are more than happy to be playing on the playground equipment and don’t need a lot of activities for this short amount of time.

*There is no rain date for this event; in the case of inclement weather, all activities will be moved into the gym and adjacent hallways. Be sure to be in contact with Kathy Boxell regarding any weather-related changes to the event.

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