Executive Board

Our Board is made up of parents representing the Cossitt, Forest Road, and Ogden home schools areas. The Board meets once monthly to cover financial expenditures as well as events and activities. Meetings are held prior to the general PTO meeting on an evening of every odd numbered month during the school year. During the even numbered months, meetings are set to accommodate the schedules of a majority of the Board members.

Each Board Member is responsible for oversight of a set of committees. This involves contacting the committee chairs and reporting back to the Board at our meetings.

Organization Chart

The chart below is more of a guideline than a hard fast rule. Most years, this is how the committee structure has been set up; however, each Board can rearrange the structure to meet its needs. We have committee chairs who do the work required by these activities / fundraisers. Board members coordinate with the committee chairs to make sure they have the resources they need and to provide reports back to the full Board.

President oversees:



D102 Fun Run (this is a D102 committee, not run by Barnsdale PTO)

Fundraising oversees:

Original Artworks

Fall Fundraiser

Restaurant Fundraisers

Room Parent / AE Coordinator oversees:

Beginning of Year Event

Room Parents

Art Enrichment


Secretary oversees:

School Pictures

Staff Appreciation

Volunteer Sign-ups