About the PTO

The Barnsdale Road School PTO is the official parent-teacher organization of Barnsdale Road School and is open to all Barnsdale parents. The PTO is overseen by an Executive Board, made up of Barnsdale parents representing the Home School areas of District 102. Membership on the PTO is $10.00 per year per family and includes a Student Directory and School Calendar.

The purpose of the Barnsdale Road School PTO is threefold:

  1. Provide lines of communication between home and school.
  2. Enrich our children's educational experience by providing supplementary equipment and program funding through money raised at various PTO fundraising events.
  3. Foster a healthy family environment within the community through various social activities.

The PTO is governed through bylaws written by past PTO's and reviewed every two years by the current PTO. Decisions are often based on input from parents who attend the bi-monthly PTO meetings. Major program and funding decisions are also brought to District Roundtable meetings, which are periodic meetings with District 102 administrators and representatives from each of the school's PTC / PTO Boards.

Any parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled at Barnsdale Road School who is willing to uphold the policies and subscribe to the Bylaws of the PTO is, upon payment of dues, recognized as an official member of the PTO. School staff are automatically Members.

Dues for membership are determined annually. Membership benefits include the school calendar and directory, the privilege of holding office and introducing motions, debating and voting at PTO meetings.

An annual enrollment of Members is conducted at registration. Additional parent/guardian Members can be accepted at any time, upon full payment of dues. The membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 of each year.

Meetings are held bi-monthly, starting in September, at 7:00pm in the Barnsdale Road School gym. All members are welcome to attend. Minutes are posted after they are approved.