Welcome 2018-2019

General event overview:

  • The event date is pre-set by Barnsdale (it’s included in the printed calendar each year) - when it is set, it will be on the online Barnsdale Parent Calendar
  • Committee is assigned 2 PTO contacts as Barnsdale liaison as well as support from PTO Communications lead who coordinates communications / requests for volunteers
  • The 2018 event was held Friday, 9/7 from 5:30-7:00pm
  • Traditionally there are 4 stations offered:
    • Chalk (bucket provided for open play)
    • Library (supported by both LGP and LG libraries), they bring their own games / prizes
    • Tattoos
      • Barnsdale provides all tattoos, water and sponges to apply
    • Food (see details below)
  • Added this year was a photo booth station to support yearbook.
    • Frame provided by Yearbook committee for kids to hold and frame the moment (#BacktoSchoolParty)
    • Volunteers were asked to capture 50 unique images of kids (no parents) for yearbook
  • Added this year were pre-printed name tags at a ‘registration table’, each class (by teacher) was assigned a color. Printed X labels per class, plus pre-kindergarten.
    • Templates were provided to Barnsdale in PDF format for future re-use
    • Parents, if they wished to participate, could fill out their child’s name.
    • Did not pre-print names due to privacy / info sharing requirements.
    • Feedback received was that parents liked being able to ‘see’ who was in their child’s class, created an easy ice breaker.

2018 Headcount:

  • The weather held off some but in general, we had a great headcount:
  • Total = 107 kids plus their families

Event contacts:

  • Food:
    • Bill’s Place: Demetrios Konstantopoulos, dkon32@gmail.com, Cell: 708-220-9532
      • Set up: required 4 6-ft Tables, 2 Electrical extension cords
      • Original order was for 200 hot dog meals (chips, juice box/water, hot dog for $5 meal, cash only)
        • Dropped to 150 orders at 3pm (day of) due to rainy weather; work with Demitri to determine cut off time as he has to prep meals prior to arrival
      • Due to rain, set up was placed in the gym for 2018 event
      • Parents covered all food costs out of pocket and ate in the gym
    • Alternative: Cheesie’s: 773-633-1801 or Cheesiestruck@gmail.com
    • In 2018 they are adding a second truck and may be able to accommodate more events; may require a minimum guarantee for orders.

Tables / Stations: 5 Total Tables

  1. Library (LGP & LG): One table; will share w/ LG (Library) - Rachel will be contact
  2. Photo booth: (2 volunteers)
  • One table; yearbook chair / volunteers will supply what they need
  • 2 photo frames

3. Name tag table: signage & sharpies (2 Co-chairs)

4. Tattoos & Sidewalk chalk (4 volunteers)

  • 8 chairs, 2 tables - do the same as last year
  • sponge and water to apply these (4 Volunteers)
  • Confirm Kathy Boxell has sidewalk chalk, sponges & tattoos
  • Requested 2 trash bins (one on each end) to keep the station tidy

Dining area

  • Due to rain, food was moved to the gym, Bill’s place set up in front of the stage
  • Tables from the cafeteria were used and trash bins provided


  • That wasn’t an option for this event, Kathy Boxell used the loud speaker inside to make announcements / keep parents informed

Back up plan:

  • The day of, we circled on where to place stations due to potential rain.
  • Barnsdale did send an extra email to inform parents that rain or shine, the event was on.
  • We had to make a call at 3pm to let Bill’s place know that they should drop down their order by 50 (ended up with 150 orders). All food sold out.
  • We discussed moving some stations to the hallways around the gym but discussed keeping some activities outside; its preferred to be outside (and hope for great weather)!