Welcome 2017 - 2018

I used the general notes from past events and have the following to update.

This year's event was very well attended and the weather was quite nice, partly cloudy in the high 60s/ low 70s.

We were able to have the entire event outdoors.

We used Bills Place in La Grange Park for food and they could not have been easier to work with. They offered hot dog meals for $5 which included a hot dog, bag of chips, and water or juice. There was no line back up. They sent 4 employees and knew exactly what to do. This year they sold 200 meals.

I had also contacted cheesies food truck earlier in the summer, but they had already booked an event for the same night. I would recommend using Bills again for both simplicity and to keep the night moving along. The kids were able to get their food quickly and eat standing up or sitting on the black top and get back to playing with their classmates , which is what the event is all about.

I showed up 1 hour early to set up, that was plenty of time as the custodial staff at Barnsdale did a terrific job setting up tables and garbage cans.

Spirit wear also had reps selling over stock and reps from both La Grange and La Grange Park libraries were present with games, information, and goodies (a huge hit).

I had a total of 14 volunteers. I scheduled 10 in two shifts of 5 to work the tattoo table (more than enough). 4 other volunteers helped with cleanup, making sure trash was picked up from the playground, taking in tables and chairs. And picking up the sidewalk chalk- 10-15 min tops.