Welcome 2014-2015

Date: The party was held September 5, from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

Food: Bill's Place offered a hot dog, chips and lemonade or water for $5.00. They were very nice to work with. They needed two tables/extension cords. It is essential that you have two lines going to serve food. Address this with whatever vendor you use.

Games / Activities: Owl Tattoos and Sidewalk Chalk

Tattoos were a huge hit, we had three volunteers applying tattoos for the first hour of the party. The table was set up on the sidewalk near the spiderweb/Forest Road baseball field. At 6:30 one person stayed near the table to help if needed, but by this time everyone had at least one tattoo.

There was also a group of older Forest Road students that helped apply tattoos. They were very helpful and had fun!

Bring all supplies needed for tattoos: sponges, Tupperware for water

*Ask Kathy Boxell if she still has tattoos. Last year we didn’t need to order any. She also had the chalk.

Spirit Wear: Contact chair to sell spirit wear at the event.

Attendance: 150 meals prepared were served and we ran out. It was a really nice night and lots of people showed up! It really is weather dependent. Looking back through other people’s notes - 150 meals were served when weather was just ok, up to 300 meals served with great weather. Probably has to be decided closer to the date.

Setup: Work with Kathy Boxell to coordinate time and setup requirements. Kathy will notify the custodian who will take care of set up, so only one volunteer (or the chairperson) is needed to arrive early to make sure everything is set up and to see whether the food vendor needs anything. Pick up sidewalk chalk and tattoos from Kathy ahead of time.

Cleanup: Volunteers will need to make sure all of the trash is picked up from the playground, and that no sidewalk chalk is left out (to ensure no chalk graffiti occurs over the weekend). Volunteers will also help bring the folding tables and chairs back inside Barnsdale. Custodial staff was also very helpful with chairs/tables and cleanup