General Procedures for All Committee Chairs

Weekly PTO Email

A weekly email goes out to Barnsdale parents from the Principal and the PTO President. If a committee needs any information conveyed in relation to their event, please let the Communications Officer know by Tuesday prior to the Friday in which you wish information to appear.

Thanking Volunteers

All Committee Chairs should ensure that they keep a complete list of all their volunteers. The volunteers list should be submitted to the PTO President so these volunteers can be thanked in the upcoming newsletter and/or weekly email.

Submitting Items for PTO Meeting Discussion

If you wish to submit items for discussion at an upcoming PTO meeting, contact any one of the Executive Board Members. Such items must be submitted to an Executive Board Member before the Executive Board Meeting, which is held directly before the bi-monthly PTO Meeting. See the calendar for a listing of these meetings.

Reserving a Room at School

If you wish to reserve a room at school, contact Hope Witt in the school office. Please ask well in advance.

Additional Help or Information

Your contact on the Board can be found on our Organization Chart.

CLIC Insurance Certificates

This pertains to fundraisers held off Barnsdale Road School grounds. The Certificates are obtained by contacting the PTO President. If the certificates are not available online to the President, they can be obtained by contacting the Director of Finance at the District 102 offices.

Once the Certificates are filled out, they can be emailed to the email address listed on the certificate. They are then emailed or faxed to the location of the event. Be sure to add a contact person at the event location. Always put the event location as the certificate holder.