Cash Procedures

-- Complete a Cash Box Request Form. Please list out the desired denominations needed and if any calculators will be needed. The Treasurer can assist you in determining what was requested in prior years.

-- Email the Cash Box Request Form at the Treasurer's house. Please give at least a one week notice before an event where cash boxes will be required.

-- Cash boxes and calculators are kept at the PTO Treasurer’s house. Please arrange a mutually convenient time to pick up your cash boxes and calculators before your event. You will be provided the actual cash on the day of the event.

-- Please arrange a time with the PTO Treasurer to return the cash boxes, counted money, and any calculators borrowed. Do not leave money in the mailbox. Please make sure that you have completed the Cash Box Request Form ending cash box balances. The Treasurer will recount the money and verify your balances. If there are any discrepancies, you will be notified.