How does the program work?

Three times a year, volunteers and students engage in discussions about artists and their artwork through a variety of visual aids and fun projects. Visits are arranged with the teacher and can last anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour, at the teacher's discretion. One volunteer will act as the lead and will coordinate with the teacher. The three lessons will be spread out during the year according to the schedule on the Lesson Plan/ Curriculum page.

How do I get started?

Attached you will find the lesson plans for each of the three months. There are bins of supplies, books and props for you to use for each project. The bins are marked with the name and the project in a cubby space near door 16. Please do not take these home - they are to stay at school. At the Welcome Party there were several items donated to fill the bins - these are the supplies we will use for each of the projects. We will be doing self portraits in March to tie in with our Original Art Works Program - more details on that will be distributed as they come out.

What about art projects?

Please coordinate your art project with your discussion. We are limited on our supplies and time so we want to make sure we keep the projects easy but cover the lesson we are trying to teach.

Video of Typical Project :