Arrival Procedures

Families who need to drop off older students at Forest Road School can drop their kindergartner off at our back doors at 8:15. Please reinforce that your child should wait near the Barnsdale building with you. It is not time to play on the outdoor playground. A staff member will stay at the door until 8:20 for families who are running late. Once she closes the door, we do not have anyone on duty to monitor the hallway until 8:30 since teachers are on duty in the classrooms. If you arrive after the door closes, please walk to the front of the building to wait with our other families.

Our bell rings at 8:30 for the official start of our day. All other families, or anyone running late, can wait with their child outside the middle front doors on Barnsdale until the doors open at 8:30. The tardy bell rings at 8:35. All students should be in their classroom at this time. If a student arrives after 8:35, he/she will need to stop in the office for a tardy slip.

Please respect these procedures. In the past, students have trickled in the entire time between 8:15-8:45. This creates an unsafe environment since we do not have staff available to be on duty the entire time. We want to ensure that students are not wandering the building, or worse, leaving the building. In addition, the constant ringing of the bell puts a stress on our office staff, Mrs. Witt. During this early time she is trying to keep up with absence reports and ensure that substitute staff is ready.