Pre K Guidelines

One parent volunteer in each class is designated the head room parent liaison. Responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the contact person for the teacher and PTO.
  • Contacting the teacher to determine the class size, party dates and times.
  • Being the lead organizer of parent volunteers and class party planning.
  • Optional: Organize any holiday or end-of-the-year group/class gifts for teachers or assistants. (Regardless of who participates, all children in the class should have their names on any greeting cards to your teacher and/or assistant.)

The liaison will discuss with the teacher what they would like for the party then meet with their fellow Room Parent volunteers to plan age-appropriate activities like games, crafts and snacks. Please follow up with your teacher and/or submit the party outline to the teacher for approval. Please note: **Classroom teachers are directly responsible, per the district, for all party arrangements – just as the teachers have direct liability and responsibility for all school-related functions.** As such, a cooperative working agreement regarding party arrangements for the year must be maintained and developed early in the year between the classroom teacher and the Room Parents.

Optional: Teacher Favorite Things Lists completed by all homeroom teachers and PTO will distribute to each liaison.

General Party Guidelines

Check for dietary concerns in your classroom. We have several children at Barnsdale who have dietary restrictions and serious allergies to certain foods so please take these concerns seriously.

Expenses not to exceed $25 per party. Please try to get any of your classroom parents involved by asking for donations before buying something. Parents like to help out and get involved and donating things like snacks or drinks is an easy way! Please turn in all receipts or reimbursements to the office with a check request form (found on PTO website) in an envelope marked PTO Treasurer.

Please take pictures or have a class photographer take pictures of each party and submit to the PTO.

  • Please be aware that there may be some students who are not allowed to be photographed. Hope Witt and your teacher should have a list of kids who do NOT have parental consent for photography. The yearbook chair will work with the list to ensure that privacy is protected.
  • The yearbook needs candid photographs in addition to posed group pictures.
  • Please don’t forget to include other kids in the pictures, not just yours!
  • Pictures should be of students and staff only (no parents.)
  • When sending photos to the PTO for possible yearbook consideration, please only send the best few pictures. The yearbook chair will NOT be able to sort through hundreds of pictures from each homeroom’s class parties so make sure to only email the best handful of pictures from each event.

Specific Parties

  • Halloween Party and Parade (usually Halloween day)
  • Winter Party (usually the Friday before winter break)
  • End of year Party / Field Day (usually the last Friday of the school year)