Each year, Barnsdale produces a full color yearbook. Templates are provided by the School Picture company. A parent volunteer is needed to work with the School Picture company and the teachers, to take, collect and sort photos for montage pages, and put the templates together on the timeline provided by the company.

A timeline and list of activities is below.

Sep-Dec: Meet with Van Gogh Photography to learn software and layouts. Contact teachers and room parents to start getting pictures submitted. Pictures are sent into the email box throughout the school year.

Jan-Feb: Begin assembling pages. Get composite photos approved by classroom teachers.

March-April: Submit completed pages to Van Gogh. Distribute order forms to students to determine quantity to order.

May: Review draft copy of yearbook provided by Van Gogh and make any necessary corrections. When final yearbooks received, sort and distribute to students who ordered one.

Contact Information: Van Gogh Photograpy, Ali. The number is 847-382-2282 ext.324 and her e-mail is or