We have 3 designs used for our Spiritwear. Each year, the board decides which of these options we will sell: 

Printed on red t-shirts and hoodies. This logo can only be printed on red shirts (the red of the logo is the shirt color - red ink is not printed on).

Printed on yellow, grey, or white t-shirts and hoodies.

Printed on white or grey t-shirts and hoodies. The white of the owl is not printed on - it is the color of the shirt. If printed on grey, the owl is grey. 

Orders are placed with Steve Huneryager (312-498-9915 ; steve@iforcemedia.com). Prices are decided by the PTO board prior to each sale. This is not run as a fundraiser. We take the cost and round up to the nearest dollar. Our philosophy is to keep the cost down as much as possible to allow every student the ability to have BRS Spiritwear.

NOTE: if possible, we need the numeric sizing as well as the letter sizing on the shirt tags and to to put on order forms (i.e., S (6 - 8) or Sm (6) to avoid confusion of ordering wrong sizes. 

NOTE:  make sure to order several extras in the most popular sizes. Extras can be sold later or even next year.