Earlier Pasta Sales

2011: We raised $6,839 for a profit of $3,662. This continues to be a popular and successful fundraiser. We followed the 2010 timeline and process, including pick-up during conferences in November. Volunteers are needed to help sort orders and place them in classrooms for pick-up.

2010: We raised $5317.50 including $4759 from catalog and $558.50 on line our profit was $2658.75. Should start right after school start early September. Pick up is a challenge and should be done during conferences. Minimum of 5 for sorting. Having a Co-chair for this fundraiser would be good

Brochures and order forms went home in the Friday Folder on September 24 with a return deadline of October 15. Online stayed open until mid-December. Delivery at teacher conferences - November 22 - worked well.

2010 Timeline

2009: We raised $4463. The most difficult part was distribution. We recommend the pasta be picked up during conferences. You need a team 5-10 people to sort and then have bags with their names on it set on the stage for pick up.