OA 2010 - 2011

Approximate Timeline


  • Received contract information via e-mail from OAW
  • Received the materials from OAW
  • Had office provide a list of all students sorted by teacher


  • Contacted Mrs. Spatzek to check on the status of the artwork and collected completed artwork to date to begin checking it in


  • Continued to work with Mrs. Spatzek to collect artwork from each student
  • Did troubleshooting and followup on missing artwork
  • Created a spreadsheet to track details of the order processing
  • Organized artwork for delivery to OAW by the end of the month which included; checking all artwork against the class list, verifying that each piece of artwork contains the proper identification on the back, adding the necessary information to the artwork if it was missing, and alphabetizing the artwork in file folders by class to simplify the order phase.
  • Mailed the artwork to OAW for processing of preview magnets and receiving of order materials organized for each student.


  • Received preview magnets, order forms, pricing sheets and brochures from OAW
  • Distributed materials to each student who participated in the preview magnet phase
  • Provided teachers with an envelope and instructions for collecting orders from students and passing them on to us
  • Advertised in the weekly PTO e-mail communication
  • Collected orders and payment from students and checked them in against the class lists.


  • Continued to collect and process orders, sent reminders as necessary
  • Followed up with students families that had not returned their magnet, but also had not paid for the magnet and placed an order.
  • Reviewing order forms for accuracy; which includes verifying order amounts versus payment, verifying that the form was filled out correctly (paying special attention to the preview magnet), and following up with families where there was a question regarding the order.
  • Preparing artwork for shipment to OAW which involves separating the order form and taping the white copy to the back of the artwork and retaining the yellow copy for our records.
  • Tracking and collecting the preview magnets which have to be either returned or paid for. In most cases, this involves multiple contacts with the families including a note home and a follow-up e-mail
  • Reviewing all checks received to confirm that they were made out to the correct payee Barnsdale PTO as opposed to OAW. If incorrect, notify the family that a replacement check is necessary.
  • Prepare shipment to OAW including only artwork that has additional items ordered and returned those preview magnets that were not purchased


  • Prepare checks for deposit organizing them by denomination. Add all checks on a spreadsheet and provide a copy to Treasurer as a check and balance measure
  • Once received, check in all additional items ordered and distribute them to the appropriate classroom.
  • Submit OAW invoice for payment to the PTO treasurer
  • Follow up to collect and replace all incorrect checks
  • Trouble shoot any problems with orders received


  • Followed up on any problems/fixes with the families to either; obtain missing products, replace damaged/incorrect products, replace unsatisfactory products
  • Complete chair report

Suggestions for future years

I would suggest that we investigate a way to eliminate the preview magnet. It is a lot of work to track down the magnets and also causes some confusion on the order forms. Possibly, provide a scanned photocopy of the child’s artwork instead would work. I think it’s important to show the piece, but including the magnet that has to be accounted for is difficult on the chairperson.

Also, I would suggest not only advertising the fundraiser, but that the checks should be payable to Brnsdale PTO. We have always have a lot of follow-up to do with people who wrote the check out incorrectly.

Lastly, I felt that there wasn’t great participation in this fundraiser. There is a much higher percentage of orders placed at the Elementary school that my other kids attend. I met with the art teacher to discuss that art pieces. Some of the pieces were not great, so I can see why orders weren’t placed. We need to make sure that the OAW projects are as high a quality as possible to make the fundraiser as successful as possible.