Box Tops


Parents collect Box Tops from participating products and send them in to school. The labels must be trimmed. Trimming is time consuming, but is a great job to give to parents who work, but want to do “behind the scenes” jobs to help the PTO.

After trimming, the labels should be sorted into envelopes according to their point value. Twice a year, we send them into Box Tops, using the Post Office's standard delivery. Box Tops then sends a check to the PTO.

Timeline of Duties:

Re-register at the beginning of the school year and check postings on the Box Tops website.

Send out reminders through the Friday email newsletter throughout the school year.

Trim, count, bag and mail in the Box Tops prior to the deadlines of October 31 and February 28. When you register for the school year, confirm the deadlines for submitting the boxtops.There is an order and banking form that must be filled out and sent in with the labels.

The website is Our Barnsdale Road School ID number is #9661619 followed by our zip code to use the coordinator section of the website.

Creating a contest between the classrooms is a good way to help generate excitement and a little competition! In 2015-2016 we awarded extra recess time. Using collection pages (25/50 box tops per page) was helpful to keep the trimming needed to a minimum. Collection pages were copied at Barnsdale and sent home with each student.