Board - Field Day Planning

Kindergarten Field Day is usually the last Friday before the end of the school year. It is typically around 12:15 – 2:15 pm.

This day takes a lot of coordination. Have at least one of the PTO board members in charge of Room Parents there on site during Field Day.

Liaisons will plan an age appropriate activity to be played outdoors (but must also be able to be moved indoors in case of poor weather.) There will not be a rain date for Field Day. Because of the potential for bad weather, all activities must be mess-free in case they have to be moved indoors.

  • No water activities (water balloon, slip n slides, etc...)
  • No paint or sidewalk chalk
  • No bubbles

All homerooms will rotate through each station for about 10 minutes per station.

Plan the Kindergarten Field Day any way you want. In past years to make things easier, we created a sign up to organize Field Day stations. This way, there is some creative control with each activity station but still a good structure to the day. Each homeroom liaison signs up for only one of several pre-determined Field Day station categories:

  • Popsicles
  • Tag (ex: freeze tag, amoeba tag, tv tag, etc...)
  • Parachute (ex: popcorn, catapult, snakes, etc...)
  • Relay Races (ex: sack race, spoon race, 3-legged race, etc...)
  • Bean Bags (ex: Cornhole, ring toss, bozo buckets, etc...)
  • Obstacle Course (suggested items: hula hoops, cones, tunnels, pool noodles, etc...)
  • Games (ex: large Jenga, lawn bowling, pool noodle baseball, etc...)
  • Dancing (ex: freeze dance, copycat, limbo, etc...)
  • Other (ex: Simon says, flippy cup, musical chairs, duck duck goose, etc...)

Amongst each homeroom team of volunteers, one person at each station should be a “timer” to make sure kids are rotating through in a timely 10-minute manner.

With the exception of the popsicle station, all supplies for Field Day stations should be common items brought from home (balls and other sports equipment, pool noodles, etc...) There are some pieces of equipment that can be borrowed from the PE teacher (parachute, hula hoops, etc...) so make sure the liaisons contact the PE teacher directly.

Popsicles should be purchased by the liaison and receipts should be submitted to the PTO for reimbursement. Be sure to contact Hope Witt to determine how many popsicles are needed. Only one popsicle per Kindergarten student. No other food is allowed during Field Day activities.

No prizes or rewards should be given out at stations.

Keep it simple. The kids are young and will be tired moving through all the stations in the heat so quickly. Anything too complicated will be a bust!

Each homeroom station should be mapped out on the area surrounding Barnsdale:

  • Side lawn closest to the parking lot
  • Back door
  • Sidewalks adjacent to the playgrounds
  • Baseball fields
  • Small soccer field adjacent to the Science Center parking lot

Remind everyone (volunteers and students) to apply sunscreen and bring water bottles! Hope Witt can aid with this and send a message to all parents to prepare their kids for outdoor activities.