Board - Halloween Party Planning Notes

After lunch, the assigned Halloween party parent volunteers will help children change into their costumes. Students must be able to maneuver the classrooms and stairways so all costumes must be safe, without any long or obstructing pieces. No facial masks or weapons allowed.

Around 1:00 pm, each classroom will parade around the school perimeter, weather permitting. There will be many families lined up around school to see all the kids in their costumes!

The Halloween party begins after the parade (approximately 1:20 pm.) Only room parents are present at the party.

  • Room parents plan a 20-30 minute party in classroom with age-appropriate activities (crafts, games, etc...)
  • Room parents provide a snack and/or treat. ***PLEASE BE AWARE OF ANY FOOD ALLERGIES OR DIETARY RESTRICTIONS IN YOUR CLASS***
  • Be sure to touch base with your homeroom teacher on specific timing of activities and approval of your party plan.

** If Halloween falls on a Wednesday, early dismissal may affect party times!

Please see the Room Parent instruction page here.