Report an Absence

Call 708-482-3003 or email if absence or tardiness occurs. This number and email address is available 24 hours a day.

Parents are required to call the school before 8:00am if their child will be absent that day. Please advise the school as to the nature of your child's illness. The parent must call every day that a student is absent, unless the parent notifies the school that the student will be absent for a certain number of days.

Parents of students who do not phone the school in regard to an absence will be contacted by the health office secretary as soon as attendance is taken, to determine the nature of the absence. By state law, the police department is to be notified within one hour if children are unaccounted for and a parental excuse is unobtainable.

All parents can greatly assist in the task of accountability by calling the school with absences and tardies prior to the start of the school day.