Yearbook 2010 - 2011

A.  Van Gogh Photography contacted me to set up a meeting with one of their representatives to go over the basic yearbook responsibilities. This is when I received the computer software and the previous year’s yearbook.

B.  This is a 28 page full color yearbook. Each classroom has their own classroom page and montage page. At the end of the book there is room for 4 extra montage pages. To collect candid pictures I emailed all the room moms and teachers and requested photos. (Van Gogh is responsible for the actual classroom pages)

C.  After assembling the montage pages I put them on a disc.

D.  Van Gogh sent me the classroom pages to be approved and signed by each teacher.

E.  Each of the 28 pages needed to be Xeroxed and put into a separate envelope (provided by Van Gogh). Then the printing order was filled out.

F.  The disc, 28 ‘page envelopes’, and printing order was all sent to Van Gogh.

G.  Once they received my packet they were able to send me a proof book. I put the corrections on a disc and sent it back to the company.

H.  I then requested enough order envelopes for all of the kindergarten and E.C.E students and decided upon a deadline.

I.  A spreadsheet was provided by the P.T.O. in order to keep track of everyone who ordered.

J.  After the yearbook order deadline, I was able to estimate how many books to order. (I ordered extra books because a lot of orders came in after the deadline.)

K.  I contacted Van Gogh and gave the number of books we needed printed.

L.  Once the books were received our treasurer sent a check for the books.

M.  I organized all the books and orders according to the classrooms for distribution.