For an overview of Barnsdale PTO Committee functions, visit our Make A Difference! page.

For information on handling funds, receiving reimbursement, advertising your event / fundraiser, etc, click on General Procedures and Cash Handling below.

For information specific to your committee and a history of what has been done in the past, click on Specific Committee Procedures below.

Thank you for your committment to and support of the Barnsdale PTO!

Executive Board Duties

Most decisions are made by soliciting input from the entire Board. When communicating about issues that require a decision, include all Board Members, particularly if there is money involved. Decisions may be made via email. Generally whatever option is agreed to by a majority of the Board is what the PTO will do, although Ms. Boxell, Principal has the final say.

Each Board Member is responsible for oversight of a set of committees. This involves contacting the committee chairs and reporting back to the Board at our meetings. Click here for the organization chart.


  • Followup with all upcoming PTC chair events to be sure they have what they need.
  • One week before PTC meeting, create Agenda, gather topics and post 1 day prior to meeting. Chair PTO meetings.
  • Provide Communications officer with information to include in weekly email newsletters. Include thank-you's to Volunteers for PTO events.
  • Attend and report about Barnsdale PTO events and activities at Roundtable meetings (6x per year)


The Treasurer is the custodian of all funds of the PTO

  • make all PTO deposits to the appropriate financial institutions
  • write checks for all approved PTO expenses
  • prepare and present the budget to both the PTO and to the Superintendent
  • prepare and submit to the PTO monthly financial statements illustrating both actual and budgeted amounts
  • attend Executive Board Meetings


  • Assist and manage chairs of fundraising committees
  • Seek out new potential fundraisers as needed and present ideas at the PTO meetings.
  • Attend monthly PTO meetings.

Room Parent / Art Enrichment Oversight

Stay in contact with the Room Parent and Art Enrichment coordinators. Bring any issues to the Executive Board for discussion / resolution.


The Secretary of the PTC is responsible for keeping a correct record of all meetings of the PTO and of the Executive Board.

Minutes of each PTO meeting are presented and approved at the subsequent PTO meeting. Once approved, the minutes are posted on the PTC website.

Is in charge of all official PTC correspondence duties

The position is an Executive Board position.


Communications Officer helps coordinate communication with the PTO, as well as with the other District 102 PTC/PTO's.

Main Responsibilities

--Maintain the Barnsdale PTO Website
--Create and maintain the various email lists
--Maintain the privacy of all personal information contained in the Directory Database and email lists
--Ensure adherence to the PTO and School's communications procedures
--Put together and mail the weekly PTO email every Friday
--Monitor the PTO email box; either reply to the emails or forward them to the appropriate committee chair
--Maintain the electronic files of the PTO
--Attend PTO Exec Board and General Meetings
--Attend District Roundtable meetings to gather information and discuss communications issues affecting all the PTC / PTOs (1X every 6 weeks or so - 5 meetings per school year).

General Procedures and Cash Handling

General Procedures for All Committee Chairpersons

Weekly PTO Email
A weekly email goes out to Barnsdale parents from the Principal and the PTO President. If a committee needs any information conveyed in relation to their event, please let the Communications Officer know by Tuesday prior to the Friday in which you wish information to appear.

Thanking Volunteers
All Committee Chairs should ensure that they keep a complete list of all their volunteers. The volunteers list should be submitted to the PTO President so these volunteers can be thanked in the upcoming newsletter and/or weekly email.

Submitting Items for PTO Meeting Discussion
If you wish to submit items for discussion at an upcoming PTO meeting, contact any one of the Executive Board Members. Such items must be submitted to an Executive Board Member before the Executive Board Meeting, which is held directly before the bi-monthly PTO Meeting. See the calendar for a listing of these meetings.

CLIC Insurance Certificates
This pertains to fundraisers held off Barnsdale Road School grounds. The Certificates are obtained by contacting the PTO President. If the certificates are not available online to the President, they can be obtained by contacting Laurie Calabrese at the District 102 offices.

Once the Certificates are filled out, they can be emailed to the email address listed on the certificate. They are then emailed or faxed to the location of the event. Be sure to add a contact person at the event location. Always put the event location as the certificate holder.

Reserving a Room at School
If you wish to reserve a room at school, contact Hope Witt in the school office. Please ask well in advance.

Instructions for Dealing with PTO Funds

Table of Contents

Deposit Request Procedures

-- All cash and check collections should be counted and provided to the PTO Treasurer with a completed Deposit Request Form which can be found on the Barnsdale PTO website by clicking the link above.

-- In order to eliminate / reduce the risk of loss or theft, all cash / checks should be provided to the Treasurer within 24 hours after collection so that it can be deposited into the Bank. Please do not hold onto cash / checks any longer than necessary, as insurance does not cover the loss of cash / checks maintained in volunteers' homes.

-- Drop off the Deposit Request Form and money at the Treasurer’s house or in the Treasurer’s mailbox at school. If you have a large amount of money to be deposited, please arrange a time with the Treasurer to drop the money off at her house. Be sure to have the money counted and totaled on the Deposit Request Form.

Cash Box Request Procedures

-- Complete a Cash Box Request Form which can be found on the Barnsdale PTO website by clicking the link above. Please list out the desired denominations needed and if any calculators will be needed. The Treasurer can assist you in determining what was requested in prior years.

-- Drop off the Cash Box Request Form at the Treasurer's house. Please give her at least a one week notice before an event that cash boxes will be required.

-- Cash boxes and calculators are kept at the PTO Treasurer’s house. Please arrange a mutually convenient time to pick up your cash boxes and calculators from her house before your event. She will provide the actual cash on the day of the event.

-- Please arrange a time with the PTO Treasurer to return the cash boxes, counted money, and any calculators borrowed. Do not leave money in her mailbox. Please make sure that you have completed the Cash Box Request Form ending cash box balances. The Treasurer will recount the money and verify your balances. If there are any discrepancies, she will notify you.

Check Reimbursement Procedures

-- Complete a Check Request Form which can be found on the Barnsdale PTO website by clicking the link above. Supporting receipts are to be attached to all Check Request Forms. Expenses should be submitted promptly, preferably within the same month of the event.

-- Drop off the Check Request Form either at either the PTO Treasurer's house or in the Treasurer’s mailbox at school. The Treasurer will check her mailbox at school once a week. If a check is needed sooner, you should drop the Check Request Form off at her house.

-- The Treasurer will deliver the check to your house unless you specify differently. Please include your address on the Check Request Form.

-- If you do not wish to front the money, you can get a check written out to the vendor from the Treasurer in advance of a purchase. She will need advance notice of at least one week. She will still need to have the Check Request Form completed with attached receipts for her records.

-- Tax Exemption Forms can be found in the PTO mailbox. These forms are needed to exclude sales tax from Barnsdale PTO purchases.

Cash Procedures

To avoid putting anyone in the awkward position of having large amount of cash at home please handle cash as follows:

Please obtain the Night Depository key, lock bag with key, and deposit slips from the PTO Treasurer before your event.

Two people should count any cash collected at an event before leaving the event: a deposit request form and deposit slip should be prepared and initialed by both counters.

Deposits should be placed in the Night Depository at the First National Bank of LaGrange at 620 West Burlington in LaGrange. Please include the deposit worksheet as well as the bank’s deposit slip in the Night Depository lock bag. The Night Depository is located next to the Cash Station on the North West corner of the bank. Unlock the depository, place the locked bag in the slot and lock the depository.

The night deposit key should be returned to the Treasurer at the earliest convenience.

Specific Committee Descriptions and Procedures

Each committee chair must submit a document to the PTO President documenting the tasks, goals and timelines for the activities handled by their committees. This documentation will assist future committees, and will be posted on this website.

Art Enrichment

Visit our Art Enrichment Website to learn about this wonderful program sponsored by the PTO.

Are you willing to act as Art Enrichment Coordinator for the coming school year?  Contact us at


Box Tops


Parents collect Box Tops from participating products and send them in to school. The labels must be trimmed. This is a time consuming project and is a great job to give to parents who work but want to do “behind the scenes” jobs to help the PTO.

After trimming, the labels should be sorted into envelopes according to their point value. Twice a year, we send them into Box Tops, using the Post Office's standard delivery. Box Tops then sends a check to the PTO.

Timeline of Duties:

Re-register at the beginning of the school year and check postings on the Box Tops website.

Send out reminders through the Friday email newsletter throughout the school year.

Trim, count, bag and mail in the Box Tops prior to the deadlines of October 31 and February 28. When you register for the school year, confirm the deadlines for submitting the boxtops.There is an order and banking form that must be filled out and sent in with the labels.

The website is Our Barnsdale Road School ID number is #9661619 followed by our zip code to use the coordinator section of the website.

Creating a contest between the classrooms is a good way to help generate excitement and a little competition!  In 2015-2016 we awarded extra recess time. Using collection pages (25/50 box tops per page) was helpful to keep the trimming needed to a minimum.  Collection pages were copied at Barnsdale and sent home with each student.

End of Year Party

Room Parents run the End of Year Party. It is held during the last week of school and runs from 12:30 - 2:00pm. Each room comes up with one game/activity.  There are 8 stations for games and 1 snack station.  Each station lasts about 10 minutes. Also see Room Parent Guidelines.

There are 9 classrooms, so we set up two groups of four games - four along the fence and four on the soccer field.  The 9th classroom is at the snack table, where they have Popsicles. 

Room Parents should be there at 12:00 to make sure they know where their stations are set up.  At the beginning, the room parents bring the students out to the playground.  They then rotated through the stations. 

List of Games

See below for additional tips and information.

2009 - 2010

Purchased Popsicles at:
Ice Cream Planet
9345 Southview Avenue
Brookfield, IL 60513-1797
(708) 485-2045

You can call ahead and order them and pick them up right before the event.  For 240 popsicles it was $78.  This company sells to ice cream trucks so the cost is very low.

Room parents each came up with one game/activity.  The room parents also manned their stations with other room parents.  There were 8 stations and snack.  Each station was about 10 minutes.  You will want to do a map so they know how the flow goes and email the map to the teachers the week before the event.

We had four stations in each location.  Make sure you know your activities and how much space they will need.  The area by the fence is smaller so have the games that don’t take as much space there.

We had 9 classes so we had two groups of four games- four along the fence and four on the soccer field.  At the beginning the parents went to their kids class and brought them down.  They then rotated through the stations.  The extra class started at snack and rotated through the soccer field group.  The fence group had snack at station 1 which was a very short game.  Work on this - not sure this was the best plan.

2010 - 2011

Year End Party was heldTuesday, May 31st from 12:30-2:00.  An email was sent to all of the lead room parents so they know where to be and when to be there. I asked all of the room parents helping with this party to show up at 12:00 so we can find their station and get their game set up.

Children will come to their stations from their rooms at 12:30! The map is busy but I know how the rotations will work and where each class needs to go next. I will also brief all of the room parents on who comes to their station next and where the children go next so there is no confusion.

Each game will last 10-15 minutes and will then rotate to the next station. We will have two stations of children at the snack station at one time if we are outside and they can play on the playground when they finish their popcicles. I will also bring bottled water in case it is really hot out.

2011 - 2012

A few points:

  • Event goes from 12:30-2pm on Tuesday, 5/29.
  • Principal Boxell suggested that volunteers be here around 12pm (to miss afternoon ECE traffic).  Please make sure to be here by 12:15 at latest.  Stations must be set up and ready to go by 12:30pm.
  • If any supplies are needed (ie table, etc..) please let me know ASAP.
  • Each class will start at their teachers station and rotate every 15 minutes or so.  Please make sure every child gets a turn within that 15 minutes.
  • If all runs smooth kids will be at each station within their group for 15 minutes and then the snack.  This will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  We will have an extra 15 minutes to move kids btwn stations.
  • Snack station will have 1 class for 1st rotation and then 2 classes after that.
  • Classes do not do both groups just 1.

Group 1 (open field)

Water Relay      Bowton
Sack Race         Masterson
Parachute         Rapacki
Old McDonald    Rogers
Snack               Tazic

Group 2  (school area)

Beach Relay        Repsis
Limbo                Cheney
Sidewalk Chalk    Devine
Bean Bags          Anderson

We have a map of the stations - contact for a map.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND.. that all of this will change if weather does not cooperate.  Have a back up game in mind in case we need to bring all of this indoors.

If any class has an extra volunteer please let me know.  I could use 1-2 people to help rotate classes every 15 minutes. 

Flower Power Bulb Sale

This is an Online Only sale held each spring.


Children change into their costumes at a time specified by the teacher, then parade around the school.  Parents are welcome to come watch the parade.  The Halloween Party then lasts 1 hour and features treats and games.  Only Room Parents are present at the party.  See Room Parent Guidelines.

  • 12:30 - four room parents will assist the kids with putting on their costumes
  • 1:00 - parade will be outside if weather permits; otherwise an alternate plan will be made
  • 1:20 - class parties
  • Food: It is essential to talk to the teacher about any allergies and to avoid those products. In order to keep our children healthy, we recommend one salty snack item, one sweet dessert item, and one healthy item.

If a classroom does not have four Room Parents assigned to this party, others may be called on to assist.


Held in February, this is an hour long party for students.  There is wacky dancing, bandana decorating and a light snack.

  • A chairperson is needed to coordinate activities and manage volunteers.  Make sure volunteers understand their roles.
    • Volunteer Needs:
      • 2 Volunteers are needed on Gym Duty at the beginning of the event before the music starts(~15 minutes)
        • No running
        • Consider some organized games
      • 2 Volunteers are needed to make sure kids are safe while dancing
      • 2 Volunteers are needed in the halls to make sure kids do not go upstairs or toward the outside doors.
      • 2 Volunteers are needed at the snack table
        • Monitor doors to make sure no snacks are taken into the gym
      • 1 Volunteer needed to do Tattoos
      • 1 - 2 Volunteers needed at the Bandana table
    • Volunteers should all wear a Hootenanny Bandana or some other distinguishing item, to make them visible to the students and parents.
    • Purchase pretzels and cups, and arrange for water coolers.
    • Make sure the snack table has sufficient supplies.  Use cups to hold pretzels - not just napkins.
    • Dancing is somewhat structured, alternating PE songs / dances with other songs.  The PE teacher directs the dancing. Contact Kami Spacek to coordinate non-PE songs.
  • This is a free event sponsored by the PTO and is for Barnsdale Road students only (no siblings). Parents are  welcome to stay, but due to limited space we would prefer that you drop off your student.

Labels for Education


Account #: 6052-6000-1825-645

Email associated with the account:

Password: pammysccj

You must register every year in August for the upcoming year. We currently have my email as the contact but when the school is registered for the 2014-2015 school year, the email should be changed to the Barnsdale Road PTO email and the password should be changed to something generic that the PTC can easily remember.

The website has very clear directions for submitting labels.

The labels must be trimmed. This is a time consuming project and would be great to give to parents who work but want to do “behind the scenes” jobs. After trimming, the labels should be sorted into envelopes according to their point value.

There is an order and banking form that must be filled out and sent in with the labels.

Watch for specials. In May 2014, they doubled all labels submitted in May.

Original Artworks

Original Works (OAW) is a fundraiser conducted once per year.  It allows families to purchase items decorated with an original piece of their child’s artwork.  Each student produces a drawing or painting working along with the art teacher, Mrs. Spatzek.  The artwork is collected and submitted to the company to produce products, including magnets, notecards, sketchbooks, mousepads, and pillowcases.

The company provides a preview magnet to each child participating so that families can see the student's piece.  There is no obligation to purchase, the preview magnet can be returned.  The fundraiser is either run in the fall, for distribution by the Holidays, or in the spring, for distributions by Mother's Day. 

See below for instructions, tips and timelines from prior years.

2013 - 2014

Click here to view the detail and instructions from the 2013 - 2014 school year.

2010 - 2011

2010-2011 Contract

2010-2011 Pricing

Materials Needed

  • Paper (provided by Original Works)
  • Tape
  • Class lists, for all classes

Approximate Timeline


  • Received contract information via e-mail from OAW
  • Received the materials from OAW
  • Had office provide a list of all students sorted by teacher


  • Contacted Mrs. Spatzek to check on the status of the artwork and collected completed artwork to date to begin checking it in


  • Continued to work with Mrs. Spatzek to collect artwork from each student
  • Did troubleshooting and followup on missing artwork
  • Created a spreadsheet to track details of the order processing
  • Organized artwork for delivery to OAW by the end of the month which included; checking all artwork against the class list, verifying that each piece of artwork contains the proper identification on the back, adding the necessary information to the artwork if it was missing, and alphabetizing the artwork in file folders by class to simplify the order phase.
  • Mailed the artwork to OAW for processing of preview magnets and receiving of order materials organized for each student.


  • Received preview magnets, order forms, pricing sheets and brochures from OAW
  • Distributed materials to each student who participated in the preview magnet phase
  • Provided teachers with an envelope and instructions for collecting orders from students and passing them on to us
  • Advertised in the weekly PTO e-mail communication
  • Collected orders and payment from students and checked them in against the class lists.


  • Continued to collect and process orders, sent reminders as necessary
  • Followed up with students families that had not returned their magnet, but also had not paid for the magnet and placed an order.
  • Reviewing order forms for accuracy; which includes verifying order amounts versus payment, verifying that the form was filled out correctly (paying special attention to the preview magnet), and following up with families where there was a question regarding the order.
  • Preparing artwork for shipment to OAW which involves separating the order form and taping the white copy to the back of the artwork and retaining the yellow copy for our records.
  • Tracking and collecting the preview magnets which have to be either returned or paid for.  In most cases, this involves multiple contacts with the families including  a note home and a follow-up e-mail
  • Reviewing all checks received to confirm that they were made out to the correct payee Barnsdale PTO as opposed to OAW.  If incorrect, notify the family that a replacement check is necessary.
  • Prepare shipment to OAW including only artwork that has additional items ordered and returned those preview magnets that were not purchased


  • Prepare checks for deposit organizing them by denomination.  Add all checks on a spreadsheet and provide a copy to Treasurer as a check and balance measure
  • Once received, check in all additional items ordered and distribute them to the appropriate classroom.
  • Submit OAW invoice for payment to the PTO treasurer
  • Follow up to collect and replace all incorrect checks
  • Trouble shoot any problems with orders received


  • Followed up on any problems/fixes with the families to either; obtain missing products, replace damaged/incorrect products, replace unsatisfactory products
  • Complete chair report

Suggestions for future years

I would suggest that we investigate a way to eliminate the preview magnet.  It is a lot of work to track down the magnets and also causes some confusion on the order forms.  Possibly, provide a scanned photocopy of the child’s artwork instead would work.  I think it’s important to show the piece, but including the magnet that has to be accounted for is difficult on the chairperson.

Also, I would suggest not only advertising the fundraiser, but that the checks should be payable to Brnsdale PTO.  We have always have a lot of follow-up to do with people who wrote the check out incorrectly.

Lastly, I felt that there wasn’t great participation in this fundraiser.  There is a much higher percentage of orders placed at the Elementary school that my other kids attend.  I met with Mrs. Spatzek to discuss that art pieces.  Some of the pieces were not great, so I can see why orders weren’t placed.  We need to make sure that the OAW projects are as high a quality as possible to make the fundraiser as successful as possible.

I would be happy to provide guidance next year, so don’t hesitate to ask questions!!!!

Debby Shapland (
2010 - 2012 OAW Chairpersons

2015 - 2016

Original Works (OW) Fundraiser?Helpful Hints 2015-2016

Original Works provides a schedule information sheet. Become familiar with the dates and mark them on your calendar.

Advertise in the E-Newsletter.  We used “Every child is an artist” to catch people’s attention. (see attached form)

OW provides a “Look What's Coming Letter” to be sent home with the children. We decided to simplify the look and ‘brand’ the flyer with “Every child is an artist.” This form was sent home with the preview magnet and order form.

After the order forms go home and orders are close to the due date, a half sheet reminder (see attached form) was sent home encouraging people to return their preview magnets or purchase them for $6.00. All reminders should also be sent via school e-newsletter.

Many orders were added incorrectly and parents had to be contacted to send in corrected amount. This portion(double-checking check amounts and order totals) was very time consuming. Part of this was due to the company omitting prices from the order form. In the future you might want to contact company to see if prices could be added to the order form.

*REMINDER*-the form that is sent home with the child is the order form they need to use. The red 6-digit number in the upper right corner of the order form corresponds to the OW made by the child. This information is in the instructions but should be highlighted even more. For instance, if a parent prints an order form online, the corresponding number will be missing and the company will not know what artwork to print. If you use a different ‘blank’ or unused form from someone else the OW that is printed will be incorrect.

In the future, the art teacher will keep the original artwork until the fundraiser is complete. This will be helpful if there are problem orders and the company needs the number printed on the back. The teacher can return the original artwork (self portrait) to the children to bring home at the end of the fundraiser.

This fundraiser is a time commitment over several months, having a co-chair is helpful to take turns completing the different stages in the schedule (e.g. dropping off orders to UPS, stuffing teachers boxes with flyers).

From our estimate, it was a successful fundraiser with really good participation. In the past, co-chairs have suggested getting rid of the preview magnet. This year many people purchased the magnet adding to the success of the fundraiser. Many reminders via flyer and school E-newsletter helped.

Sarah Connelly & Meredith Walter

Note Home for Missing Magnets

Classroom Teacher Information

Sample Flyer

Owl Assembly

Contact Jim Ritt from Brookfield Zoo docent department to do the Owl presentation.  He is a volunteer docent who has done the presentation for us in the past.

This assembly kicks off our Penny Drive.  The funds collected from the Penny Drive are used to Adopt an Owl at the zoo.  Some years, the students have visited their adopted owl during a field trip to the Zoo in the spring.

Pasta Sale

Barnsdale Road PTO offers a Pasta sale through the FunPasta company. Catalogs are sent home with students, who then collect orders. The Pasta Fundraising committee processes the orders, collects payment and distributes pasta to the students. In 2014, the Barnsdale Road PTO sold $4,582 of pasta, of which, $2,292 was profit for the PTO.

Further instructions, timeline and detail can be found by clicking here.

2009, 2010, 2011 Pasta Sales

2011:  We raised $6,839 for a profit of $3,662.  This continues to be a popular and successful fundraiser.  We followed the 2010 timeline and process, including pick-up during conferences in November.  Volunteers are needed to help sort orders and place them in classrooms for pick-up.

2010: We raised $5317.50 including $4759 from catalog and $558.50 on line our profit was $2658.75.  Should start right after school start early September. Pick up is a challenge and should be done during conferences. Minimum of 5 for sorting. Having a Co-chair for this fundraiser would be good

Brochures and order forms went home in the Friday Folder on September 24 with a return deadline of October 15.  Online stayed open until mid-December.  Delivery at teacher conferences - November 22 - worked well.

2010 Timeline

2009:  We raised $4463.  The most difficult part was distribution.  We recommend the pasta be picked up during conferences.  You need a team 5-10 people to sort and then have bags with their names on it set on the stage for pick up.

Room Parents

Visit our Room Parent Website learn all there is to know about Room Parenting at Barnsdale!

Are you willing to act as Room Parent Coordinator for the coming school year?  Contact us at


School Pictures

Van Gogh Photographers
Contact:  Geri 847.382.2282

Contract is signed in the Spring for the following fall.  Each year (in December or January) we receive 20% back in a rebate check from the pictures (this has nothing to do with the yearbook).

On Picture Day, 4 volunteers is sufficient (assuming 9 classrooms, ~200 students).  Van Gogh is very good with the kids and help keep things moving.

1 - 2 volunteers are needed for Picture Re-Take day.

A coordinator checks in with the Assistant Principal a day or two before to get the schedule. Contact the other volunteers to remind them that they signed up. You may want to split volunteers into shifts if you have a lot. Then you just help your volunteers know when to go get the next class as you move through the schedule.

See also:  Yearbook


Parents are able to order spiritwear at the very beginning of the school year and usually once more in the Fall.  Details below.

Tattoos are given out at the Beginning of Year Event, at the Hootenanny, and occasionally at other times.  They are ordered about every other year, as needed.  Details below.


We have 3 designs used for our spiritwear. Each year, the board decides which of these options we will sell:

Printed on red t-shirts and hoodies. This logo can only be printed on red shirts (the red of the logo is the shirt color - red ink is not printed on).
Printed on yellow or white t-shirts and hoodies
Printed on white or grey t-shirts and hoodies. The white of the owl is not printed on - it is the color of the shirt. If printed on grey, the owl is grey.

Orders are placed with Steve Huneryager. Prices are decided by the PTO board prior to each sale. This is not run as a fundraiser. We take the cost and round up to the nearest dollar. Our philosophy is to keep the cost down as much as possible to allow every student the ability to have BRS Spiritwear.

NOTE: if possible, we need the numeric sizing as well as the letter sizing on the shirt tags and to to put on order forms (i.e., S (6 - 8) or Sm (6) to avoid confusion of ordering wrong sizes. 

NOTE:  make sure to order several extras in the most popular sizes. Extras can be sold later or even next year.



Size of tattoos: 2"x2"

Quantity: 1000

Type: White backing

Artwork: Photoshop file

Staff Appreciation

We supply treats for teachers on Conference Day in the fall; at Christmas, we provide restaurant gift cards for the paras and lunch/maintenance staff; and during Teacher Appreciation week, we supply a  lunch for the teaching and office staff.

Conference Day

The PTO provides teachers and staff (including ECE) Panera gift cards for conference day each November.  This allows them to go out for a nice lunch during this very long day.

Holiday Gifts

Panera and Walmart gift cards


Teacher Appreciation Week

We pick a day during Teacher Appreciation Week in May to bring lunch in for the teachers and staff. 

May, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Catered Lunch
May 2015
Lunch was catered for the teachers and staff on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.  We went with a Cinco de Mayo theme and brought in Mexican food.  

Food was ordered from:
La Cabanita
Contact person: Lorena Villasenor
9438 Ogden Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513
(708) 387-9100

Order placed 24 hours in advance:

Taco Bar
3 tacos per person, with choice of chicken, pork, beef and/or veggie pre-wrapped in tortillas
Vegetable Tray (lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream) for the tacos
Salsas for the tacos
Serving Spoons
We ordered food for 40 people.
Total Cost for food was $439.60 (we submitted a Tax Exempt form).  A $40 gratuity was given.

We picked up the order from the restaurant, but there is an option to have it delivered.

Does not include:
Plates, napkins, utensils

Purchased from Marianos:
7 2-liter bottles of soda
3 dozen cookies
8”x8” pan of brownies
Cost: $41.22

Overall Cost of Food:
Taco Bar: $439.60
Gratuity:  $40.00
Drinks/Dessert/Tableservice: $41.22
TOTAL COST: $520.82

La Cabanita was very easy to work with.  They were happy to accommodate our request for next-day catering, despite the busy Cinco de Mayo week.  Lorena was helpful and even suggested we bring a tax-exempt form.  The staff loaded all of the food in the car for me.  The order was meticulously gone through to ensure that we had it exact and that all dishes were accounted for.  

Feedback from the Staff: ½ of the tray of beans were not eaten and there was a lot of leftover salsa for the chips.  Because the order is placed on a per-person basis, it may not be possible to cut back on these items.  It is worth looking into for a potential cost savings.

Alternate Suggestions:
The Roundtable Meeting in May discussed a company called The Rolling Bean.  They are a mobile espresso and smoothie bar.  The website is:   This could be a possible alternative to catered lunch.

May, 2014

Corner Bakery has been very easy to work with.  We place an order, they give us a price, and we take a Barnsdale PTO check at time of pick-up.

Typical order has been 2 Sandwich Baskets and 1 Sweets Basket, totalling about $250.

> Phone#: 7085799362
> Order for Wednesday, May 07, 2014 10:00:00
> Transaction: 308744
> Ordered as: CTR Pickup
> ============================================

> 1 Custom Sand Basket Md $ 118.00
> 2 Tomato Mozzarella Ctr
> 2 Turkey Swiss Ctr
> 2 Chicken Pesto Ctr
> 2 Pretzel Ham Ctr
> 2 Moms Roast Beef Ctr
> 2 Moms Turkey Ctr
> Sandwich Basket Setup Md
> Mixed Greens Md
> 1 Custom Sand Basket Md $ 118.00
> 2 Pretzel Ham Ctr
> 2 Chicken Pesto Ctr
> 2 Moms Turkey Ctr
> 2 D.C. Chkn Sal Sand Ctr
> 2 Moms Rstd Chkn Ctr
> 2 Moms Smkd Ham Ctr
> Sandwich Basket Setup Md
> Mixed Greens Md
> 1 Sweets Basket Md $ 60.00
> Assorted Cookie
> Fudge Brownie
> Maple Pecan Bar
> Single Bundt Bite
> Cream Cheese Brownie
> Sweets Basket Setup Md
> Cafe Contact Information:
> Store: 188 LaGrange
> 39 N. LaGrange Rd.
> LaGrange IL, 60525
> Phone: (708)579-5410 Fax: (708)579-5935

Valentine's Day

School Policy: Parents should not send in any treats or goodie bags. The PTO provides a classroom treat that is approved by the teacher. Classroom Newsletters keep parents informed of procedures for Valentine cards. The celebrations are simple and a small part of the day so this is not a room parent obligation.

PTO provides peanut free cupcakes.

Welcome Party

2009 - 2010

2009 - 2010

Date:  Friday, September 11 from 6:00 - 8:00pm


DeVries- contact Mike.  They served 175 people

Aurelios- contact Ross.  They served 200 pieces of pizza.

They arrived one hour before the event start.  The parked in the back of the building by the garbage cans and we ran power out of the classroom window for them.  Remind them to bring long extension cords. 

Games: we did not do formal games.  Music would be a nice addition- just recognize the power limitation so if you want to do music do a cordless player if possible.

We did have a lot of chalk for the kids to draw on the basketball court. 

Donations: We had a table set up and we collected donations for our art enrichment program, very successful.

Attendance:  There were over 400 people there. (200 families enrolled in the school).

2010 - 2011

Date: September 10, 2010, 5:30 - 7:30pm
Food:  Bill's Place
Games / Activities:
Tips for Next Year:
-keep classroom lights on so parents can see in
-need 2 cash registers with food.  bill's place prices were good but lines were too long.  ran out of food
-check into using buona beef next year
-consider making it from 5:30 - 7:00pm rather than 2 hours.

2011 - 2012

Date:  The party was originally scheduled for September 9, but was rescheduled to September 30 due to weather.  The shortened 5:30 - 7:00pm time worked well.

Food:  The Best Windy City Hot Dogs in LaGrange Park.  Rick is the contact and he was very easy to work with, even with the date change.  They set up 2 food lines so people were able to move through the lines quickly.  Food was reasonably priced - we told Rick we were shooting for a sandwich, chips and drink for $5 - 7; he charged $3.25.

Rick brought 150 bags of chips and 400 hotdogs.  We ran out of chips, so that should be increased next year.

Games / Activities: Owl Tattoos and Sidewalk Chalk


Attendance: We estimated about 400 meals, but due to rain and cold on the rescheduled date approximately 300 - 350 meals were served to around 150 people.

Tips for Next Year:
  • Having 2 tables set up to serve food was essential. 
  • One of the tables ran out of chips

2012 - 2013

Date:  The party was held September 7, from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

Food:  The Best Windy City Hot Dogs in LaGrange Park: Rick is the contact and was very easy to work with, once we provided the date he took care of everything.  They arrived to set up around 4:30.  They offered a hot dog, chips and drink $3.50 per meal, and they served 147 meals.
Rick asked for two tables and an extension cord (they need power for their hot dog warmer).  They also brought a truck and served ice cream which families could purchase for an additional cost.  Food was set up closer to the Forest Road School, and the extension cord was run inside Forest Road.

Games / Activities: Owl Tattoos and Sidewalk Chalk
Tattoos were a hit, we had three volunteers applying tattoos for the first hour of the party.  The table was set up on the sidewalk near the spiderweb/Forest Road baseball field.  At 6:30 one person stayed near the table to help if needed, but by this time everyone had at least one tattoo.
Sidewalk chalk wasn’t as popular this year, more kids enjoyed the playground.  It was also quite windy which caused the sidewalk chalk to blow around, so at about 6:30 we picked up all the chalk.

Attendance: About 147 meals were served; the weather forecast called for rain and it was a little overcast which may have kept people away.  It never did rain although the temperature dropped and it was windy, so most families left before 7.

Setup: Work with Kathy Boxell to coordinate time and setup requirements.  Kathy will notify the custodian who will take care of set up, so only one volunteer (or the chairperson) is needed to arrive early to make sure everything is set up and to see whether the food vendor needs anything.  Pick up sidewalk chalk and tattoos from Kathy ahead of time.
Cleanup: Volunteers will need to make sure all of the trash is picked up from the playground, and that no sidewalk chalk is left out (to ensure no chalk graffiti occurs over the weekend).  Volunteers will also help bring the folding tables and chairs back inside Barnsdale.
Tips for Next Year:
  • A few parents asked if the classrooms were open so they could see them since the lights were off in most of the building.  Perhaps let people know if visiting classrooms is encouraged—maybe just a note on the school building door?   
  • Come up with a plan in the event of rain.

2013 - 2014

Date:  The party was held on Thursday, September 5, from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

Food:  We had Armand's Pizza come and serve pizza and drinks. 200 pieces of pizza were served. We ran out of food twice, so Armand's planning wasn't great.

Games / Activities: Owl Tattoos and Sidewalk Chalk
We had 3 people working the 5:30 - 6:00 shift and 3 working the 6:00 - 6:30 shift at the tattoo table and monitoring the sidewalk chalk. This was sufficient.

Attendance: It was a nice day - 200 pieces of pizza sold.

Setup: Work with Kathy Boxell to coordinate time and setup requirements.  Kathy will notify the custodian who will take care of set up, so only one volunteer (or the chairperson) is needed to arrive early to make sure everything is set up and to see whether the food vendor needs anything. Pick up sidewalk chalk and tattoos from Kathy ahead of time.
Cleanup: Volunteers will need to make sure all of the trash is picked up from the playground, and that no sidewalk chalk is left out (to ensure no chalk graffiti occurs over the weekend).  Volunteers will also help bring the folding tables and chairs back inside Barnsdale.

Tips for Next Year: 

  • Consider using Now Serving as the food vendor. Perhaps do wraps and/or burgers
  • Come up with a plan in the event of rain.

2014 - 2015

Date: The party was held September 5, from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

Food: Bill's Place offered a hot dog, chips and lemonade or water for $5.00. They were very nice to work with. They needed two tables/extension cords. It is essential that you have two lines going to serve food. Address this with whatever vendor you use.

Games / Activities: Owl Tattoos and Sidewalk Chalk
Tattoos were a huge hit, we had three volunteers applying tattoos for the first hour of the party.  The table was set up on the sidewalk near the spiderweb/Forest Road baseball field. At 6:30 one person stayed near the table to help if needed, but by this time everyone had at least one tattoo.

There was also a group of older Forest Road students that helped apply tattoos. They were very helpful and had fun!

Bring all supplies needed for tattoos: sponges, Tupperware for water
*Ask Kathy Boxell if she still has tattoos. Last year we didn’t need to order any. She also had the chalk.

Spirit Wear: Contact chair to sell spirit wear at the event.

Attendance: 150 meals prepared were served and we ran out.  It was a really nice night and lots of people showed up!  It really is weather dependent.  Looking back through other people’s notes -  150 meals were served when weather was just ok, up to 300 meals served with great weather.  Probably has to be decided closer to the date.

Setup: Work with Kathy Boxell to coordinate time and setup requirements. Kathy will notify the custodian who will take care of set up, so only one volunteer (or the chairperson) is needed to arrive early to make sure everything is set up and to see whether the food vendor needs anything. Pick up sidewalk chalk and tattoos from Kathy ahead of time.
Cleanup: Volunteers will need to make sure all of the trash is picked up from the playground, and that no sidewalk chalk is left out (to ensure no chalk graffiti occurs over the weekend). Volunteers will also help bring the folding tables and chairs back inside Barnsdale. Custodial staff was also very helpful with chairs/tables and cleanup

2015 - 2016

We followed the instructions from the 2014 event.

Additional notes:

  • Come up with a plan in the event of rain. Reschedule or have in gym?
  • Need more tattoo volunteers for the first hour of party. After that, 1-2 volunteers should suffice. It takes some time to get the hang of the tattoos. Practicing ahead of time might be helpful.
  • We really didn’t need more than 1-2 volunteers for setup. It would make more sense to have volunteers stick around at the end instead to help clean up. Cleanup didn’t take longer than 15 minutes.
  • The Bill’s Place line got very long at the beginning - is it possible for them to have three people serving during the first 30 minutes?


Winter Party

The Winter Party is organized school wide at lunch.  Room parents do not plan this event but will be called to assist.  See Room Parent Guidelines.

  • The Holiday Party is held during lunch.   The PTO provides cheese pizza for lunch for all of the kids.  The schedule will be lunch, recess, and a half hour in the class room for games
  • While your class is at recess, room parents will assist in the lunch room serving pizza and supervising.  After lunch, the room parents go back to the rooms for a couple games with the classes.
  • We also provide a “thank you” lunch to the lunch room staff during that time.
  • Also during lunch a reading of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” will be done by a guest (John Anderson  Marsha Bowton knows Mr. Anderson and arranged the visit with him.

2009 - 2010

Pizza - Bill’s Place in LaGrange Park (708-352-6730)

Amounts:  We ordered 36 pizzas for 212 students cut in triangles and it was a perfect amount.  The cost was $10 per pizza.  

We also provided a treat - mini cupcakes from Jewel.

2010 - 2011

Pizza: Nonno's in Countryside

Amounts:  21 pizzas, 18" cut in triangle slices. 12 slices per pizza. The vendor provided 200 paper plates and napkins.  We ordered an extra pizza for parents or staff
Total was $254 including delivery charge of $2. Tip was not included.

In addition, we provided peanut-free mini cupcakes from Jewel.

2011 - 2012

Pizza: Nonno's in Countryside

Dessert: Peanut-free mini cupcakes from Jewel


To Think About: Gloves for servers?

Room Parents: 1-2 per classroom to serve pizza.

2014 - 2015

Pizza: Nonno's in Countryside

Amounts:  21 pizzas, 18" cut in triangle slices. 12 slices per pizza. The vendor provided 200 paper plates and napkins.  We ordered an extra pizza for parents or staff
Total was $254 including delivery charge of $2. Tip was not included.

In addition, we provided peanut-free mini cupcakes from Jewel.

Lessons Learned:

  • We had way too much pizza left over (though many students were out sick). Order 1 less pizza next year.
  • Cost was $286, tip not included. We gave $20 tip to the delivery guy.
  • We should think about Mariano's for cupcakes next year - they have Tree Nut Free cupcakes (Jewel's are marked as Peanut Free).



Each year, Barnsdale produces a full color yearbook.  Templates are provided by the School Picture company.  A parent volunteer is needed to work with the School Picture company and the teachers, to take, collect and sort photos for montage pages, and put the templates together on the timeline provided by the company.

A timeline and list of activities is below.

Sep-Dec: Meet with Van Gogh Photography to learn software and layouts. Contact teachers and room parents to start getting pictures submitted.

Jan-Feb: Begin assembling pages. Get composite photos approved by classroom teachers.

March-April: Submit completed pages to Van Gogh. Distribute order forms to students to determine quantity to order.

May: Review draft copy of yearbook provided by Van Gogh and make any necessary corrections. When final yearbooks received, sort and distribute to students who ordered one.

Contact Information: Van Gogh Photograpy, Ali. The number is 847-382-2282 ext.324 and her e-mail is or

Yearbook 2010 - 2011

A.  Van Gogh Photography contacted me to set up a meeting with one of their representatives to go over the basic yearbook responsibilities. This is when I received the computer software and the previous year’s yearbook.

B.  This is a 28 page full color yearbook. Each classroom has their own classroom page and montage page. At the end of the book there is room for 4 extra montage pages. To collect candid pictures I emailed all the room moms and teachers and requested photos. (Van Gogh is responsible for the actual classroom pages)

C.  After assembling the montage pages I put them on a disc.

D.  Van Gogh sent me the classroom pages to be approved and signed by each teacher.

E.  Each of the 28 pages needed to be Xeroxed and put into a separate envelope (provided by Van Gogh). Then the printing order was filled out.

F.  The disc, 28 ‘page envelopes’, and printing order was all sent to Van Gogh.

G.  Once they received my packet they were able to send me a proof book. I put the corrections on a disc and sent it back to the company.

H.  I then requested enough order envelopes for all of the kindergarten and E.C.E students and decided upon a deadline.

I.  A spreadsheet was provided by the P.T.O. in order to keep track of everyone who ordered.

J.  After the yearbook order deadline, I was able to estimate how many books to order. (I ordered extra books because a lot of orders came in after the deadline.)

K.  I contacted Van Gogh and gave the number of books we needed printed.

L.  Once the books were received our treasurer sent a check for the books.

M.  I organized all the books and orders according to the classrooms for distribution.

Volunteer Sign-Up Forms

Below you will find a listing of the volunteer opportunities available at Barnsdale Road School. Please click the name of the committee / event you would like to volunteer for and complete the online sign-up form.  The appropriate committee chairperson will then contact you as the school year gets under way.

If you have any general questions about volunteering at Barnsdale, please contact us at   Thank you for your time, effort and support!

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