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Board of Education

The Board of Education is an elected body that sets vision and direction for the School District. It is legally empowered to decide / direct certain functions and responsibilities.

Members are often, but do not need to be, parents.

Click the link to view a list of the current Board members, their addresses, phone numbers, and term information, as well as meeting agendas, packets and recordings.

District Groups with Parent Representation

Finance Advisory Committee

The Finance Advisory Committee is appointed. They make recommendations to the Board of Education regarding financial, facilities and business operations issues.

Members are often, but do not need to be, parents.

Meets one to two times per month.

Includes two board members.

Visit the District 102 Website for more information.

Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) members are appointed through application. The Parent Advisory Committee identifies topics of parental interest / concern, attend meetings with District Administration to obtain information about these topics, and take information back to the parent community.

Members are parents representing each school.

Meets 5 times per school year.

Includes two Board members.

Visit the District 102 Website for more information.  Please contact the District Administration Office if you would like to participate in this group.

Education Related Community Groups

Delegate Assembly

This group meets in order to recommend candidates for upcoming District 102 Board of Education elections. The committee meets only when BOE seats will be on the ballot in an upcoming election. The Delegate Assembly seeks out, interviews, and endorses a slate of candidates for District 102 School Board. When the Delegate Assembly is convened, all parents in the district are given the opportunity to join the group and be part of the selection process. Assembly members from each school area within the district are needed. The obligations are as follows:

Attendance at 3 - 4 evening meetings in the fall of each even numbered year. One will be a presentation / Q&A with the Superintendent of Schools, and one or two others will be candidate interview nights.

Potential sub-committee meetings for things such as developing questions to ask the candidates during the interview, assisting the endorsed candidates with petition filing and campaigning, etc.

Willingness to serve on the Delegate Assembly for 2 election cycles.

This is a great way to give a moderate commitment, but have a high impact on our children's education!

Parent Community Network

This is a network of parents and community members sharing the goal of supporting each other in raising drug and violence free children through communication, sharing of information, and providing positive activities for our young people. Contact for more information.

Parent Community Network sponsors Parent University each year.  They conduct parenting seminars featuring well known speakers on the topics of education and parenting.  Watch for information about Parent University in your weekly emails.

Click the link for more information.


Resource Association in Special Education

The RAiSE parent network is organized to support the educational success of children with special needs and learning disabilities.

Website :

E-Mail :

Facebook Page: RAiSE102

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