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Handbook - Barnsdale Road School Policies

The School Policy Handbook can be viewed and printed by clicking here.


Celebrating Birthdays

Unlike most adults, children really enjoy celebrating their birthday! Our Barnsdale children are so fortunate that most of them enjoy home parties and some special ways to celebrate out of school. At school, we like to recognize these milestones too!

Birthdays will be celebrated through a building announcement, crown or sticker, a birthday song, and a gift from the Library Birthday shelf. Students may NOT bring treats (edible or non-edible) to share with other students. Party invitations should not be distributed at school unless all of the students in the classroom have been invited to the party (or all of the girls or all the boys). Names should not be placed on the invitations (for ease of distribution). Please refer to the handout in the summer mailing or call the classroom teacher for details.

Lost and Found

Please place your child's name on all school supplies and gym shoes with a permanent magic marker.

All school related supply and clothing items should be marked with your child's name. Etching names into the frames of prescription glasses is another good idea. We would like to keep our "Lost and Found" as empty as possible.

Children bringing lunch boxes and thermoses should also have these clearly marked for easy identification. The number of unclaimed lunch boxes each year is astronomical!

This past year we donated several bags of good sweatshirts, hats, jackets, pairs of shoes and boots, scarves, etc. to worthy causes at the end of the year. While someone needy benefits, we would much prefer to return lost and misplaced items to their rightful owners.

Lunch Time at Barnsdale

We are requesting your help to make lunch time for enjoyable for the students:

If you have any questions regarding the lunch program, please don't hesitate to contact Hope Witt at 708-482-3003.

Report an Absence

Call 708-482-3003 or email if absence or tardiness occurs. This number and email address is available 24 hours a day.

Parents are required to call the school before 8:00am if their child will be absent that day. Please advise the school as to the nature of your child's illness. The parent must call every day that a student is absent, unless the parent notifies the school that the student will be absent for a certain number of days.

Parents of students who do not phone the school in regard to an absence will be contacted by the health office secretary as soon as attendance is taken, to determine the nature of the absence. By state law, the police department is to be notified within one hour if children are unaccounted for and a parental excuse is unobtainable.

All parents can greatly assist in the task of accountability by calling the school with absences and tardies prior to the start of the school day.

School Contact Information

Barnsdale Road School is a Full Day Kindergarten center in District 102.

Barnsdale Road School
920 Barnsdale Road
LaGrange Park, Illinois  60526


Principal: Kathy Boxell
Assistant Principal: Lisa Cavaliere
Secretary / Health Aide: Hope Witt

School Hours / Daily Bus and School Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:
8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Wednesdays are Early Dismissal Days:
8:30 AM to 2:15 PM

8:10 AM
Full-day kindergarten children can arrive at their home school

8:20 AM
Shuttle bus leaves the home school

8:30 AM
Full-day kindergarten instructional day begins

11:00 AM
Lunch / Socialization (Closed Campus)

11:50 AM
Full-day kindergarten instructional day continues

3:00 PM (2:15 PM on Wednesday)
Students prepare to board the bus

3:15 PM (2:30 PM on Wednesday)
Students leave from their home schools to go home

Traffic Flow and Parking at Barnsdale

Arrival Procedures

Families who need to drop off older students at Forest Road School can drop their kindergartner off at our back doors at 8:15. Please reinforce that your child should wait near the Barnsdale building with you. It is not time to play on the outdoor playground. A staff member will stay at the door until 8:20 for families who are running late. Once she closes the door, we do not have anyone on duty to monitor the hallway until 8:30 since teachers are on duty in the classrooms. If you arrive after the door closes, please walk to the front of the building to wait with our other families.

Our bell rings at 8:30 for the official start of our day. All other families, or anyone running late, can wait with their child outside the middle front doors on Barnsdale until the doors open at 8:30. The tardy bell rings at 8:35. All students should be in their classroom at this time. If a student arrives after 8:35, he/she will need to stop in the office for a tardy slip.

Please respect these procedures. In the past, students have trickled in the entire time between 8:15-8:45. This creates an unsafe environment since we do not have staff available to be on duty the entire time. We want to ensure that students are not wandering the building, or worse, leaving the building. In addition, the constant ringing of the bell puts a stress on our office staff, Mrs. Witt. During this early time she is trying to keep up with absence reports and ensure that substitute staff is ready.

Parking at Barnsdale

All buses will use the north lot as a drop off lane. We will have one staff member on the corner of the sidewalk signaling the buses to release students and to guide students into the building. Families may use the cut-out lane in front of the building as a drop off line. This is a "bye and fly" location. In order to keep the traffic moving, it will be critical for your child to be able to unbuckle him/herself, kiss you goodbye, and head out of the car independently. We do not have enough staff members to open car doors. Parents will need to pull forward as far in the lane as possible when entering and remain in the car in order to keep the line moving.

If you arrive after 8:35 and there is no staff at the door, your child will need to enter door #1 to check into the office. Forest Road area families dropping off for 8:15 will continue to use the drop off lane on Jackson and have their child walk to the back doors where staff will greet them.

The buses will use the north lot before school only, so we will run the drop off lane only in the morning. We will not have a pick up line at the end of the day. If you prefer to park and walk your child to the door, street parking is available on Barnsdale south of Jackson, on Garfield, and Homestead north of the school. You should not park on Jackson between Barnsdale Road and Forest Road during drop-off. These streets are used as the drop-off lane for Forest Road. Parking impedes the line and can be an unsafe place to get in and out of your car.

Weather Related School Closing Information

In the event of a weather related closing, District 102 follows a set of procedures for notification of families.

Click here to review these procedures and for more information
on how you will be notified of closings.

Click here for an article outlining the decision making process.