PreK Guidelines

We recognize that special celebrations create wonderful social times and memories for our students. We ask that as room parents plan the games or activities and treats, they go over every aspect of the party with the classroom teacher at least a week in advance of the party. So that all classes enjoy similar events, please follow these guidelines:

  • No more than Three parents present at a party (please refrain from bringing siblings).
  • Expenses not to exceed $25 per party. Please try to get the parents involved by asking for donations before buying something. Parents like to help out and get involved. Please turn in all receipts or reimbursements to the office with a check request form, in an envelop marked PTO Treasurer.
  • Please designate one parent to take  pictures for the year book at each party.

Connections Classroom:

There will be three parties throughout the year (Halloween, Winter, and End of Year). The Connections program teacher will reach out for volunteers/donations closer to each event 

AM / PM PreK Parties:

  • Halloween Party
    • For a.m. students: mini parade including parents and kindergarten classes. Instead of going through the kindergarten classes, those that would like to participate can go outside to view our morning classes.
    • The party would last for 45 minutes and include a treat and games/art project (parent planned).
    • Afternoon party would follow the same as Kindergarten with the exception of shortening it to 45 minutes and limiting adults to 3.
  • Winter Party
    • Room Parents will supply our napkins, cups, juice, plain sugar cookies and frosting for cookie decorating.
    • We have the cookie decorating station set up during our parent winter party. 
    • The room parents do not need to plan activities.
    • There are separate parties for a.m. and p.m. students.
  • End of Year Party 
    • The EOY party will take place on June 2, 2017.
    • We will set up on the side lawn area
    • The room parents can provide popsicles, assist with set-up and clean-up
    • Room Parents for each classroom can come up with an outdoor center to be used in addition to each teacher planned center
    • There will be separate parties for AM and PM classes